Heat: we have lots of it. But we have some great breeze, too. I think we are reminded daily that even if it is hot with a breeze here it is hotter off Island in the cities. So I won’t complain – but I am still looking for some much-needed rain.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Bryan Somas, who celebrated his day August 10; Achshaph Braz and Cameron Lavigne, who celebrated August 11; Gabrielle Guimaraes, August 12; and to Holden Graczykowski, who celebrates his day August 14.

Tonight I watched the Hospice 2020 Summer Soiree at-home edition. It was on MVTV and it was so well done. Then, there was their online auction. I, like Karen Child’s daughter Bess Child, am not an advocate for many fundraisers, but hospice is one of them. I watched as they put pictures of friends who have passed, John Moffett, John Schule, Karen Kukolich, and Karen Child – who this year’s event was dedicated to and thought of all the people who helped make their transition a much easier one and how much they help families.

My mom was in hospice care and I will never forget the women who helped my family get through our hard time. And for us we know many of the caregivers. So, if given the chance, watch the program. You will be moved and thankful we have so many people that care.

You all know how much the Blodgett family means to me and I have had many meals at their home. Well, Ellen made potato and leek soup which is one of my favorites, and she walked some over for me. We were chatting and Ellen said she was standing by her garden and she noticed a bunny and baby skunk and the two of them playing in the side yard.

She said the rabbit would hop down the yard a few feet and the skunk followed, then the bunny hopped over the skunk. All the while, Ellen was waiting for the skunk to set off the odor, but it never happened; they continued to play and soon ran right in front of her and Mark like they weren’t there. She said it made her day watching these two babies playing as friends when they would never have anything to do with each other when they are older. Nature sure could teach us a lesson.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.