The house is cold but outside it is warm. Heat on to take the chill off, heat off because it is not November. Yes it is fall.

We had some rain but when the sun is out the sky is so blue and the clouds are white and puffy like you want to just lay on one and float, or you could use your imagination and see shapes or faces.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Robert Moriarty, Tristan Talbot and Lucy Tawa, who all celebrated Oct. 3; Shanolya Coke, Mason Tawa, Oct. 4; Wendella Rose October 5, Luan Do Prado, Rayssa Moraes, Oct. 6; Alana Rosbeck, Oct. 7; and to Sarah Martins and Nazare McIntosh, who celebrate their day today, Oct. 9.

Lina and Levi Mundt would like to announce the birth of their brother Bodhi Kurtis, who was born Sept. 24. Bodhi, who arrived three weeks early, weighed 7 pounds 1 ounce and was 19.5 inches long. He is the son of Ryan and Michelle Mundt and the grandson of Patty Mundt and Kurtis Mundt.

Special Happy Anniversary wishes go out to Dennis and Helen (Santos) Gibson who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on Oct. 8. Helen and Dennis were married at Saint Elizabeth church in 1960. They wanted to celebrate with their family with a trip to Vermont, but due to Covid they are going to try next year. Congratulations to both and here is to many more years together.

The Edgartown Library received the most unexpected of phone calls last month. Legendary Island pianist David Crohan wished to donate his Mason & Hamlin grand piano, and his longtime friend David Stanwood suggested the perfect place: the Edgartown Library. This marvelous gift was delivered to the library’s program room in mid-September, and they have awaited the opportunity to gather and connect through the power of music.

The library is now offering home delivery on Thursdays. Contact the library at or call 508-627-4221.

Here is another step closer to Christmas - our Christmas lights arrived on Monday. That means we can start wrapping things around the nursery, so if you come by don’t stand still or you might get wrapped in white lights.

I hope you enjoy the long weekend but please be safe.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.