We are continuing to enjoy the nice weather. There is a chill to the air on some mornings but as the day goes on the sun is shining and it gets a little warmer. What a pleasure it is to be outside.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Arthur Avansini, who celebrated Oct. 17; Maya Wallace, Oct. 20; Yan DeOliveira and Westin Holland, Oct. 22; and to Pedro Abreu and Daniel Sawers, who celebrate their day today, Oct. 23.

Special birthday wishes go out to Anna Bettencourt who celebrated her 21st birthday on Oct. 18, and to Saige Araujo who celebrated her 21st birthday on Oct. 20.

The League of Women voters want to continue to educate people on how to fill out your ballot if you are a mail in or an early voter. You must put your physical address on the ballot envelope, not a P.O. Box. It is where your home is, where you lay your head on your pillow.

A group of us started talking about cars and I always go back to my first car which was a 1963 red Volkswagen with a sunroof. Oh, I loved that car. My parents got it for me so that my father would not have to run me to and from the barn.

I had learned to drive a stick at Featherstone Farm as Ann would let me drive the jeep around the fields with the trailer on the back so she could spread the churned horse manure. It was the best time. Then my dad had a Willy’s jeep that I drove on the fire lanes so when I got the Volkswagen they just gave me the keys and said drive. Well, the stick shift was a lot different than the jeeps and I drove to the farm for the first few days in second because I could not find third. It had no radio and I had a small transistor radio in the handle above the glove box. My nieces still remember it and knew they could not change the station because it was so hard to find another one. Plus, I had it during the gas shortage and we were at the time only allowed two dollars at a time and my Volkswagen would be filled up with two dollars. Boy, I loved that car.

Congratulations to all the derby winners. I saw all the cars going into the school and heard the clapping as the winners drove through to get their prizes. It was a different year but there were a lot of fish weighed in.

There are only nine Fridays till Christmas. I have been trying to get shopping online but it is not working. I love to go to the stores and look around but I don’t see that happening right away. I guess we will all figure it out.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.