It is happening. The time of year you turn on your heat long enough to take the chill out then turn it off again. Then you go outside and find that it is warmer outside than in your house. But according to the weathermen it is going to be cold this weekend so I am sure most heat will be on. Congratulations to all those who held out turning on the heat till Nov. 1.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Braylin Hattingh, Oct. 24; Emily Crowell, Landon Dryer, Claire Proctor, Oct. 25; Hyago Silva, Oct. 26; Isaac Belo, Isabella Burns, Mason Burns, Noah Burns, Highley Marsh, Oct. 27; Sydney Bruguiere, Tobias Russell Schaeffer, Oct. 29; and to Lille Cabral and Akhalia Lewis who celebrate their day Oct. 30.

Halloween is upon us. Like everything else it will be a lot different this year but I hope the little goblins and ghost can get out for some fun.

I just received my copy of The Making of the movie Jaws by Edith Blake. Edie’s book has just been printed in an authorized 45th anniversary edition. The last time it was printed was and unauthorized Xeroxed edition. This one has digitally edited pictures and has all her pictures which now reside at the MV Museum. She was hired by Jaws to document the making of the movie. You can get your copy at Edgartown Books and Amazon.

It was fun looking at the pictures. I was in college and working at Featherstone Farm helping with horseback riding lessons and if we got our chores done after morning lessons we went right to the beach for a few hours till afternoon lessons. So we were able to see some of the beach scenes being filmed, watch the crowds going in and out of the water for the right take. Little did we know then how great that movie was going to be and that 45 years later we still watch it when it comes on TV.

Thanksgiving is coming fast. Gatherings will be different as families figure out how they are going to get together. But I see recipes on Social Media and it scares me as I want to make them. It would be fine but I don’t know how many people I will be with to help me eat them.

Please don’t forget to vote. It is so important especially this year when there are so many voting. Yes your vote does count and we are so privileged to have that right. Remember if you don’t vote you really don’t have a say if you don’t like who gets in or what they do. So please take the time to vote. With the voting being open early it is easy and safe to go to the town hall and cast your ballot.

Don’t forget to fall back this weekend. Turn your clocks back so we have a lighter morning and an earlier evening.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.