It was messy but the Patriots did win against the Jets Monday night. I am ashamed to say I stopped watching for a while, my heart could not take it. Finally, we eked it out. More of this, soon, please.

Speaking of my heart, I had a most wonderful appointment with cardiologist Dr. Brown and her nurse, Rebecca Perry, at Martha’s Vineyard Hospital yesterday. All is in preparation for my upcoming surgery. Although I have not yet retired, take it from me, when you reach retirement age your life is consumed with body maintenance issues. It is a full time job.

Some of our stalwart Islanders who seem to have no body maintenance issues took a victory plunge at Inkwell Beach the day after the declaration of the election results. Lots of camaraderie and sighs of relief. I joined them in spirit only.

As of this writing, Cronig’s Market in Vineyard Haven is scheduled to reopen on Thursday, Nov. 12. A Covid cluster forced it to close for deep cleaning a few days ago. We wish all the employees who tested positive speedy recoveries. This spike on the Island and the projected next wave of virus in this country are very worrisome. Stay safe, stay masked.

The annual Marine celebrations held on their birthday, Nov. 10 worldwide were canceled because of the virus. Nevertheless, we wish all our Marines the best. All service men and women have our appreciation, not only on Veterans Day, but year-round. Thank you for your service.

In our library’s attempt to maintain services in the time of Covid, director Amy Ryan is looking for feedback on her library survey. Please respond at their website. Our library staff has been providing us with books, movies, information and all means of assistance. All late fees are waived during this time. My friends have made very good use of contact-less pick-ups and drop-off of films and books. This is a great way to spend a locked down winter.

In our land ravaged by sickness and death, the passing of one person has caused a huge outpouring of grief. Alex Trebek passed peacefully at his home last Sunday at age 80. Alex succumbed to pancreatic cancer. His journey has been carefully followed by friends and admirers. With his usual thoughtfulness, Alex prepared his final shows. They will continue to run up to and including Christmas day. What a man!

Get well wishes go out to two friends: Jim Cooley and Sandy Ferreira. Each is facing health issues that are being dealt with off-Island. They are in our hearts.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along Floredeliza Lagunay Buckley on Nov. 6; Nov. 7 honored Corrine Dorsey, Mary Afton Crandall, Robbie Morgan Burke and Joni Mitchell; Nov. 8 was claimed by Kara Nadine Best and Dennis Von Mehren; Nov. 10 honored the USMC, Binnie Ravitch and Michele Lazerow; Nov. 11 is for Carol J. Osborn; Nov. 12 shines on Michael Hoyt; and on Nov. 13 Lillian Beal takes the cake. Many happy returns.