Here we are in the end of November and so far we have had warm weather, wind, rain, an earthquake and now a tornado warning. I am almost afraid to see what December is going to bring. We are all safe and that is the most important thing.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Arianna Bonner, and Maria DaSilva, who celebrated Nov. 21; Webyler Sales, Nov. 22; Willow Rosebeck, Nov. 23; Griffin Craig, Nov. 25; Jack Oteri, Nov. 26; and to Emma Cekala and Eloah Zotti who celebrate their day Nov. 27.

Special Birthday wishes go out to Alicia Condlin Nicholson who celebrated a milestone birthday on Nov. 16. Alicia runs Serving Hands and is responsible for many people having food on their tables in these trying times. We wish her nothing but good things as she celebrates her big 4 0 birthday and many more to come.

With the pandemic going on and numbers rising there are many people trying to figure out if they can spend Thanksgiving with their family. Barbara and Jim Reynolds were in last weekend, and Barbara asked how I was going to write about people who came for Thanksgiving. This is the first time I think I was hoping very few would report company that came, and if they did have family home, I hope they did it safe. Barbara and Jim were having a quiet one. Their children are off-Island, so it was just them and a friend they spend time with.

Helen and Dennis Gibson are doing the same. It was just the two of them as their children are all off-Island. But like Helen said they are disappointed but are willing to sacrifice this year so that they could do next year.

I am glad that the Island is starting to light up. Dock street has some great lights in front of stores. Houses are starting their decorations. Gene Townes has all his decorations up. I was talking to is son Zack and he told me Gene would have had them out in October if the family let him.

People are getting wreaths and marking their Christmas trees. It is going to be interesting as many people are here that are not normally on-Island this time of year. I had a customer last week who ordered a wreath and through our conversation she said they have owned their house here for over 20 years and this was the first time they will be here for the holidays. I think this is going to be the story for many this year.

As the numbers are rising of positive Covid testing, my wish for the holiday season is that everyone wears a mask, social distances and washes their hands. It is what the experts are saying to do so we can rid of this virus. If we all work together, we can make it happen.

Have a great week and a very happy and healthy Thanksgiving. Keep the home candles burning.