As I write this, I am hoping that my roof does not blow off. We have had so much rain and now the wind is crazy. I know we needed the rain, but I don’t think we needed it all at once.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Ava Townes who celebrated her day Nov. 28; Hugo Callen and Felype Da Silva, Nov. 29; and to Sarah Ribeiro, and Emmett Sylva who celebrated their day Dec. 3.

It was a quiet Thanksgiving for many. I read many people saying they were by themselves and that cooking for one was not easy. I also saw those who were cooking their feast for their family for the first time and asked for help with some recipes. And I saw people who made turkey soup for the first time.

I spent it with my niece Tina Polleys and her husband Jonathan and their children J J and Audrey. Also, there were Tina’s parents Cooper and Lela Gilkes. Coop was one of my late husband Ralph’s best friends. They were fishing and hunting buddies. When we got married I had a terrible time with the hunting as I am a animal lover, but we came to an agreement to make life easier for both of us when he came home with venison to cook or duck and goose. I would cook it if he brought it home ready to cook and he could not talk about it. I think I also became resigned to the fact that they did not hunt just for the kill but to provide us with food for the freezer and the winter.

Thanksgiving was always Ralph’s favorite time as the team would meet at Coop’s house and fill up with “Belly busters” (fried dough), and this was at an ungodly hour in the morning, and coffee then head out. I always marveled at Lela, for having all the men at her house so early in the kitchen and I am sure not being quiet. But that set the pace for the day. We never knew what time they would be home so we always ate late in the day so they could get a nap in. There were some great memories made in those years and I can’t help but think of them each year fondly.

Now we are in Christmas mode and the lights are starting to shine in many neighborhoods. I put mine up Sunday and it was a pleasure as it was sunny and 60 degrees. Riding around the Island at night is something to make you smile as the towns are starting to light up.

Town has been busy as shops are still open. We have been busy selling wreaths and trees as people are anxious to get their homes decorated. I hear many saying they want to put some cheer in their homes.

So, game on now that it is December and as of today it is only three weeks till Christmas. There is lots of shopping to be done, lots of online shopping this year, and the cooking begins. Lots of cookies or breads to be made, and wrapping to be done to get the presents in the mail or hiding them till the big day. Like Thanksgiving, it will be different and small, but we will make the best of it. The most important thing is to be safe and healthy.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.