Groundhog Day, a day without reason
When the large rodent as American pagan icon
(also known as woodchuck or whistlepig)
Freaks at his shadow, stirring six more weeks of winter

Or stares at a cloud cover, offering an early spring
So the legend goes
And it’s been legend through and through
Each ground hog sniffs the air, scratches its head

Stop and think—six weeks last 42 days
And 42 days from the second of February
Would be the 16th of March
(leaping over leap years)

The vernal equinox falls on the 20th of March
So only six more weeks of winter
(even to a blindfolded groundhog)
Would in fact—be—an early spring

It’s like Hobson’s choice with a sleight of hand
Would you like a week’s stay or the seven-day package?
That costs a quarter, but for you—only 25 cents!
This is Rodent as Carnival Barker

What can you expect from a country
That honors its laborers for one day a year
Then spends the other 364
Bowing and scraping to management?