The days are getting longer and as I write this, it is raining and taking away the snow of our last storm. I love the snow but the ice underneath it does nothing for me, so I am happy to see it go.

As much as I like to see the icy snow gone, I am thinking about the kids that are on vacation this week and all the fun they have been having on Sweetened water Farm Hills. I think it has been a while since we have had snow for any length of time for the kids to enjoy. Of course, some adults like it also and enjoy a little cross-country skiing. But who knows what March is going to bring?

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Layla Carlos and Brooklyn Petersen, who celebrated Feb. 21, Wyatt Grady on Feb. 22, and Matheus Lage and Otavio Xavier, who celebrated Feb. 24.

I have been watching some of my friends on Facebook as they have had their first vaccine shots. It is so nice to see smiles and hope in people’s faces as we are closer to another step to seeing the outside world. I, like many, am waiting for the day I can hug my family off-Island. Especially the babies, who are all now a year older and so much bigger. You feel like you have missed so much, but I am very thankful for live chatting. The kids at least know what you look like and we can see their growing progress.

One more step towards spring: We can start thinking about starting seeds. I see a few friends are starting their herbs like rosemary. I had parsley and oregano in a container on the deck and they fared well till the snow hit them. But they and the mint will make a good recovery. It is also time to think of getting pea seeds, as they should go in the ground on or soon after Saint Patrick’s Day. I did them in containers last year and had a good harvest. Probably not as good as they might have been if they were in the ground, but the rabbits always got the plants when they were just sprouting, so the containers worked best for me.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.