My newest word that I find fascinating is paraprosdokians. These are figures of speech where the latter part is unexpected. For instance, “Where there’s a will, I want to be in it.” Or, “If I agreed with you, we’d both be wrong.”

Okay, have fun now. Go practice.

May I say thank you to Drew Brees. What an athlete, what a career. Thanks for the memories.

May I say thank you to the borough of Brooklyn. A wonderful statue of Ruth Bader Ginsburg has been placed in a building in her hometown. March 15 is hereinafter Ruth Bader Ginsburg day.

Our intrepid photographer/author friend, Michael Blanchard, continued his road trip west. He took photographs and sent writings from Joshua Tree. He arrived after a snowfall, then went on to the petrified forest, took in the painted desert, and ended up in beautiful Death Valley just as spring was breaking through. Sequoia and Yosemite have wrapped up his goals for now. He is headed back to us now. Safe travels.

While Michael was on his trip he found out he was on the cover of Recovery Today. Well, a blurb to the right of the photo of a rock star. His book, Through A Sober Lense, is

described in an article in this issue. Very inspiring.

I have had a road trip of sorts myself. After being a hermit, after not leaving the Island for two years, I had business to take care of in White Plains, N.Y. I hitched a ride with some friends. We had a delightful time on the trip. I so enjoy seeing my friends and neighbors here and noting how tall their children have become. I cheerily said goodbye to my sister in law, Nancy Gardella, and her darling son, Jonathan. Jonathan is 22 now. He had to return to his home in Florida to finish out the end of his sophomore year of college. Jonathan is majoring in music theory. Nancy and Jon called me from the road. They were crawling through Florida because of the spring break traffic. Finally, they did arrive safely in Fort Myers.

My story? A bit different. I assumed I could catch the bus from White Plains to Woods Hole, a long trip but I’m not driving now. Turns out it is not running because of Covid. It might start up around Memorial Day weekend. Yes, I could get into Manhattan with my cane and bags, head to Port Authority and take a bus. But, no, I can’t! Walking is still unsteady. I am working on another plan. I hope to make it home before I need to change my voter registration to New York again.

Continued get well wishes to Barbara Pope Peckham. Special love to June Manning. Sounds like the Coast Guard in Menemsha is taking good care of her.

The birthday bandwagon pulled along my grandson, Corbyn Clark-garza on March 24th. By next year he can be my driver on my ill-planned road trips. Many happy returns!