First it was spring, then it was winter including a snow squall, now we are in spring again. It is the time of year we keep all the clothes and shoes for both seasons available just in case.

Happy birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Kylee Brasefield, Isabella Florio, Riley Kaeka, and Sania Magaraci, who all celebrated April 17; Anna Alves, Brian Carvalho Olivia McCormick, April 18; Isadora Cordeiro and Maya Nascimento, April 20; Fabiano Oliveira, April 21 and to Edmund Cottle, Hayconny Da Silva and Janaya Manning, who celebrated their day April 22.

Birthday celebrations have been limited these days. But who needs a big party when you have family? Andre Bonnell celebrated his 75th birthday this past week and he had no idea that his family had a big surprise for him — a visit from his son Captain Eli Bonnell who now lives in the state of Washington. I saw a picture of his tears of joy at the surprise. Happy birthday, Andre, and here is to many more.

I can almost say that the favorite motor vessel was the Islander. Someone posted a picture of her and I had to share it. I had so many likes and comments from people saying it was the best ship ever. She ran through thick and thin and if it was cancelled you knew it was bad out there. Even though the Island outgrew her capacity, we all wish there was another. There have been many attempts but the Islander will always be the best.

I liked the Nobska also. She was tall and sturdy — a smaller version of a luxury liner, in my opinion. When you went upstairs there were red seats and almost couches around the lounge deck. It only had a small snack bar area, but they had the best hot dogs. The vehicles loaded on the side of the boat and you drove in and went around, like we do on the freight boats, so you would be back by the door to exit.

I remember coming home from college one time with my red Volkswagen (I loved that car) and I drove on and went upstairs. When I went back down, my car was not in the same place. I knew they did not unload it, so I looked for one of the deck crew and asked him where my car was. He smiled and said they had a lot of cars to load so they moved it. He pointed to the stern of the boat and they had tucked it in the corner where it came to a point and only a small vehicle could fit and I am still not sure if you were supposed to put a car there.

Rumor has it that the rentals are full for the summer and the hotels are filling fast. So, we are in for a busy summer which will be great for island businesses. I just want everyone to be safe and remember the protocol to make sure we really get rid of this pandemic that we have been working so hard to get over.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.