For a few days it rained then the beautiful sun arrived. The heat is starting, and the breeze has been heavy at times. I like to remind people when they say it was warmer where they were before they came to the Island, that when it is July and August and the temperature is in the 90s off-Island that is only 80 here with a nice breeze.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Vitoria De Souza, May 8; Harrison Lazarus, May 9; Maria Fonseca, May 10; Alexandra Guerrero and Edward Rosbeck, May 12; and to Russell Coogan and Broden Couto, who celebrate their day today May 14.

There seemed to be a lot of happy mothers celebrating this past weekend. I heard on the news one morning that there when many women were asked what they wanted for Mother’s Day, a few answered to be able to take a bath in peace or just be left alone for one day. However, seeing all the internet postings filled with activities, special breakfasts and walks I would say that most were happy surrounded by their children. I hope it was a special day for all the moms, no matter how it was spent.

Things are slowly getting back to normal. It was announced that the Agricultural Fair is back on this year. I have not heard anything about a parade, but they are thinking about the fireworks. I think we are all anxious to get back to normal but also a little cautious.

We are starting also to see some familiar faces returning to the Island. It is predicted that it is going to be a busy summer which will be great for the businesses and restaurants. I have noticed a change in the traffic already and of course we are now trying to figure out the best time to go to the grocery store to avoid the lines.

With the weather getting better, people are getting out and walking more and maybe exploring parts of the Island. There are a lot of trails to enjoy different areas of the Island. If you need directions to these properties, you can go to the Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank website to get all the details and maps.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.