An Oak Bluffs man was sentenced to 18 months probation this week after pleading guilty to assault, theft and vandalism charges that arose out of a motor vehicle altercation in Oak Bluffs in the summer of 2019.

Jermaine Sharpe, 30, of Oak Bluffs pleaded guilty to July 25, 2019 charges in Oak Bluffs of assault, larceny of a motor vehicle and vandalism of property (motor vehicle). Mr. Sharpe will serve 18 months probation on the three charges, as well as pay $2,359.67 in victim restitution and perform 40 hours of community service, according to the plea deal presented in Dukes County superior court Tuesday.

The Hon. Mark Gildea, a superior court judge based in Barnstable County, presided over the session.

All court costs and victim/witness fees were waived.

Mr. Sharpe was arraigned in Edgartown district court in July 2019 on five charges, including carjacking, unarmed robbery, assault with a dangerous weapon (machete), as well as the larceny and vandalism charges. He was later indicted on all five counts in superior court.

On Tuesday, Cape and Islands assistant district attorney Jessica Croker said the state would drop the carjacking and unarmed robbery charges, as well as reduce the assault with a dangerous weapon charge to an assault charge.

Mr. Sharpe was represented by Edgartown attorney Robb Moriarty.

The charges stemmed from an incident that began when Mr. Sharpe flagged down a vehicle for a ride. According to a summary of facts presented by Ms. Croker, a dispute arose between the driver and Mr. Sharpe after he entered the vehicle.

“At some point, these two individuals got into a physical fight,” Ms. Croker said. “Mr. Sharpe took control of the victim’s vehicle, left the victim on the side of the road, and drove away.”

Police later identified Mr. Sharpe with the vehicle in a different town, according to Ms. Croker, and placed him under arrest. After he was booked, another individual reported that his personal vehicle had been vandalized. Ms. Croker said that Mr. Sharpe admitted to vandalizing the vehicle in a police interview.

Mr. Sharpe is originally from Jamaica and currently works in landscaping, according to testimony provided in court.

Also Tuesday, a Dukes County grand jury indicted a Ware man for sexual assault against a child.

Jonathan J. Watson, 23, of Ware, was indicted on July 17, 2020 charges in Edgartown of indecent assault and battery on a person under the age of 14. The charges stem from an incident that occurred at the defendant’s mother’s house, and involved a relative of the defendant, according to a summary of facts presented at the time of arraignment in Edgartown district court.

In an unusually busy early summer in the superior court, the grand jury is set to convene again July 7,