Schlepping Around Martha’s Vineyard is a self-guided driving tour that allows individuals to explore on their own and learn more about the history of the Island. It was inspired by Herb Foster, said Thomas Dresser, author of the book in collaboration with his friend, Mr. Foster. “He wanted to share history but also to bring it into the present moment,” Mr. Dresser said.

Mr. Foster died in February, at the age of 93, but his fingerprints are all over the book. Although it was written by Mr. Dresser, Mr. Foster participated in the effort to tell the story as much as he could.

“I put together my interpretation of what he was talking about and the week before he died I gave a draft to his daughter and she read it to him,” Mr. Dresser recalled. “And it was really sweet, what she said. That he was paying attention to everything that I had written. He made some comments... and he sort of blessed it, if you will, and it just sort of gave me chills to think that.”

Mr. Dresser said the book is both dedicated to Mr. Foster and is a tribute to him.

The book began as an article Mr. Foster wrote about the Federal Writers Project and the Works Progress Administration’s Guide to Massachusetts. This New Deal program commissioned out-of-work writers to prepare and publish the American Guide Series.

The book is comprised of various driving trips around the Island, accompanied by small bits of history and the authors’ favorite spots.

Mr. Dresser hopes readers embrace the title of the book, enjoying the journeys in a leisurely manner and not racing through them.

“I wanted you to stop and smell the flowers, take your time and enjoy what the experience is,” he said. “There’s just so much to do and so much to see and so many little opportunities that present themselves to you.”