In its annual review of public libraries across the country, Library Journal awarded star ratings to just 14 Massachusetts libraries in 2021 — and three of them are on Martha's Vineyard. The West Tisbury Library received a five-star rating and the Edgartown Library and Oak Bluffs Library each received three stars in the national ranking.

A total of 5,846 U.S. libraries were rated, with 261 qualifying as star libraries. Library Journal ranks the best-performing libraries within budget categories, based on a review of data reported to the government including visits, checkouts, program attendance, e-material circulation, public computer use and wi-fi sessions per capita.

The state with the most star libraries was New York, with 34. Ohio came in second with 26 and Nebraska third with 16. Populous California and Texas had 11 star libraries each; 10 states and the District of Columbia had none, according to the Library Journal website.