I’m writing on Monday. The sun is shining; it is warm; and it is light until almost 7 p.m. Yes, it got a little windy but the sun makes you smile and feel better.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Harlow Hannah, and Caleb Lucier, who celebrated on March 19; Mackenzie Duart on March 20; Henry Jackson on March 22; Zara Pencheva on March 23; and Aidden Dunnebier, Danie Gundes, Angel Petyoshin and April Petyoshin, who all celebrate their day on March 25.

Happy Birthday to Ruby Bettencourt who celebrated her first birthday on March 20. Ruby is the daughter of Greg and Amanda Bettencourt.

Bill MacKenty, his wife Dagmara and daughter Jana live in Warsaw, Poland. Bill was born and brought up in Edgartown. Twelve years ago, he and Dagmara moved to Warsaw, where Bill is a computer science instructor at the American School of Warsaw. Since Covid started, Bill updates us weekly on Facebook about what is happening around them. Now it is the war. They are living firsthand with refugees coming into Poland and doing what they can to help. They have taken in a woman named Anna and her nine-year old son Dennis, who just arrived from over the border. They are two of the two million refugees who have come into Poland.

Their goal is to get Anna and Dennis acclimated so they can get an apartment. Anna is a seamstress and they have provided her with material so she can sell some clothes. Dagmara is teaching English to Dennis. Anna shows them videos of her area being bombed and reports to them in the morning saying, “people could sleep last night” or “it was very hard last night.”

We see it on the news every night but to hear from Bill, who is living it, puts a new perspective on the situation. Thank you, Bill and Dagmara, and stay safe.

I have not heard them myself but the pinkletinks have arrived. It is always one of the favorite sounds of spring.

Don’t forget: if you want to start some vegetables, it is time to plant the peas. Then you can start your lettuce and spinach. The pansies are up and of course daffodils and crocuses. It is so nice to have some color starting around town.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.