We are still on the weather roller coaster but more on the uphill climb. It can still get cold at night but the days are showing promise of warm weather.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Alicia Pereira, who celebrated on March 26; Lorenzo Magri on March 28; Luis Cardoso, Clarise Lima and Cody Noyes on March 29; Tailison De Oliveira on March 30; Matheo Gomes, Davi Prata and Brynn Savva on March 31; Maria Oliveira on April 1; Kaya Tucker on April 2; Deborah Flores and Savannah Mathews on April 3; Matthew Albelo on April 4; Nathan Brodeur and Nicholas Silva on April 5; Harrison Crowell, Elliot Klein and Elisheva Weisenberg on April 7; and to Avery Ducharme and Julia Marino, who celebrate their day on April 8.

After a two-year wait, many people — including me — were able to witness the amazing talents of our high school students. Director Brooke Ditchfield, music director Abigail Chandler and tech director Charlie Esposito lead the students in a production of Les Misérables. They have been putting this production together since September and their hard work showed.

At intermission, I turned to Emilee Toomey, who is a senior, and asked her about the actors, thinking that some of the singers were community members helping out since there are so many characters in this play. She told me all the main characters were played b students. The voices that these young people have are amazing. I had chills on a few songs that were performed. Congratulations to all involved and I look forward to your next production.

I, like many on the Island these days, do not have a primary doctor. Having a cold and laryngitis for the past few weeks, I went to the emergency room. I am fine\ but while waiting for test and treatments, I talked to my nurse. She commutes from Sandwich because housing is too expensive here. She told me they are having the same problem with doctors in her area. I was the second patient that morning but by the time I left all the rooms were filled and everyone was busy. I left with what I needed, felt somewhat better and am grateful for the nurses and doctors in the emergency room. But I left feeling aware that we need more medical help here, so we are not using the emergency room as a doctor’s office.

It is now spring to the kids and some adults as the Dairy Queen officially opened on Friday. The kids were smiling as they got out of school and went right to the shop. The line was out the door and we all know that it will be that way for a while.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.