There is a saying about the month of May: “It may rain, it may snow, it may be 70 degrees, it may be 20 degrees.” Well in just two days there is a lot of truth in this statement. On Sunday the sun was shining and people were wearing T-shirts and flip flops. On Monday it was back to heavy sweatshirts and having the fire going. It will be interesting to see what the rest of May has in store for us.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Carter Braillard and Ariel Meyer, who celebrated on April 30; Thawana Morais was on May 1; Kevin Castro was on May 2; Adeline Chandler was on May 3; and Quinn Millard and Hector Oliveira celebrated their day on May 5.

This has been teacher appreciation week. I think some always thought they would like to teach because you just teach kids to read and write, go to work at 7:30 in the morning and leave at four in the afternoon. Teachers have the whole summer off, have two weeks’ vacation during school year, every holiday and a week’s vacation during Christmas. But we forget that they do teach the future. They don’t just have vacations: they plan their lessons, set up their classrooms and take many courses to keep them updated on the current teachings. I live next to the school and I know that teachers are there very early in the morning or late afternoon and sometimes on weekends. So, thank you to all our teachers. We do appreciate you.

This weekend is Mother’s Day. It is one of the busiest weekends for flowers, Hallmark cards and making many phone calls. Both parents are important, but your Mom is your Mom. She was the one to hold you, feed you, take care of you when you were sick, pick you up when you were down and love you unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day to all you special ladies.

It is a new month and the library has a lot of new activities available. Dick Johnson will discuss the different ticks and tick-borne illnesses prevalent to the Island as well as the new alpha-gal red meat allergy caused by the lone star ticks. He will also outline steps for you to take to protect your family and pets from tick-borne disease. Public health biologist Patrick Roden Reynolds will also participate and be available to answer questions.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.