We had great sun and nice breezes and we didn’t melt with unbearable heat. I just know that the T-shirts and capris were out of the cellar.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this week. Big balloons go out to Anita Cabral who celebrated on May 25 and to Anthony Pereira who celebrated on May 26.

Memorial Day is this coming Monday. This is the weekend where everyone comes to the Island to open their houses, go to the beach and have a cookout. Somehow in all that hustle and bustle, the real meaning gets lost.

Did you know that more than 600 men and women from the Island served in World War II from 1941-1945? I remember all the parades on Memorial Day that we all marched in, beginning with the veterans, then all the Boy and Girl Scouts and Brownies and baseball teams. Of course the Edgartown Drum and Bugle Corp marched and celebrated the songs of that time.

The Forth of July parade starts out with the veterans. The parade always started out with Ted Morgan leading the way; they are now lead by veteran Joe Sollitto. There were familiar veterans — Woody Williams, Kevin Nicoles, Stan Mercier, Joann Murphy, Randy Dull, Kenny Ivory, Jamie Craig and so many more — that I know I will miss. They still march proudly in their uniforms.

Many Island men and women served in Vietnam. My first friend on the Island was Janet Hagerty and to this day I remember when they found out that her brother Bill Hagerty was killed. I remember watching the funeral procession for Jon Grimmett, who gave his life in Vietnam soon after marrying his high school sweetheart Renee Ortiz.

If you get time to read the plaque in front of the courthouse you will see all the familiar names: Bob and Ted Morgan, Sam and Charlie Leighton, Oscar Pease, Freeman Willoughby, Ruth Gelinas Gunnarson,Elmer Santos...the list is long. Then you can’t forget to mention George Jackson Sr., Ted Henley, John and Tom Teller, and many other Island men who served in the Korean conflict in 1953.

I have two brothers who are veterans: one is deceased and my brother Frank Noble served in the U.S. Navy. Even though I was little I will always remember the relief on my parents’ faces when they would come home.

This is not meant to be a sad column but just one to remind us that if it wasn’t for these men and women, we would not be enjoying the cookouts and days at the beach. So, please: as you are enjoying your weekend take a few minutes to think of these veterans.

My favorite quote is “Remember those who gave up their tomorrows, so we could have our todays”

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.