Typical June weather. Fog, cloudy, not too hot. But in the usual manner, we will be wearing a sweatshirt on one day and, on the next day, a tank top and flip-flops. This past weekend, Sunday was so nice: sun, a nice breeze and a big blue sky.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Amanda De Costa and Wells Lowry, who celebrated on May 29; Evelyn Lavigne, James LeBlond and Aidan Ryan were on May 31; Filipe Filho on June 1; Maria Da Silva on June 2; Deion Estrella on June 3; Victoria de Jesus on June 4; Luiza DeOliveira on June 7; Alli Branca, James Gould-Lamont and Lejaun Webb on June 8; Sophia Boshart and Hannah McCarthy on June 9; and to Rose Levesque and Herick Preisigke, who celebrate their day on June 10.

Congratulations to the graduates of the Charter School whose ceremony was on Sunday. Wishing you all luck, happiness and success in the next phase of your lives.

Another tell-tale sign of the summer months coming is the sound of the bi-plane. You can hear that engine and you always look to the sky to see if you are going to see a barrel roll or just a tip of the wing. I never tire of looking up at it.

I thought I would share some of the questions we hear at the nursery on a near-daily basis. I certainly am not making fun of anyone or insulting them; I know people come from different areas so, as they say, there are no stupid questions.

As there are many homeowners who rent their houses for the summer, they really want their properties to look good. So, almost daily we get asked “What can I plant in my planters that can take a lot of sun, does not need dead-heading and only gets water maybe once a week, or we depend on the rain to water them?” We always grin and want to say silk flowers, but we know they are doing their best to make their houses look nice. There are succulents but they want bloomers, so we advise the good old geranium, artemisia, ageratum and — my favorite — euphorbia.

My next favorite question: “We are not from here and we were walking around and downtown there was this blue flower in the garden in front of a white house with a fence. It is about this tall and has green leaves. Do you know what it is?” Alive, that’s what it is. We keep a straight face and try to figure out which white house, and try to show some flowers, then ask if they took a picture. The answer is usually no but it is good advice.

The most recent was, “Can you tell me when the pollen is going to leave?” It is not a stupid question because if I could get rid of it I would, but I am afraid it will be here for a while — especially if there is no rain.

We all like our jobs and we appreciate the customers. But it can be amusing to answer these questions.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.