I am listening to the last of the thunder and lightning and watching the rain fall, which was all too short. But mainly I am hoping that it is taking the heat with it as it leaves. I am so looking forward to opening the windows and enjoying some fresh air.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Grace O’Hanlon who celebrated on August 7; Achshaph Braz and Cameron Lavigne on August 11; and to Gabrielle Guimaraes who celebrates her day on August 12.

The heat has been the biggest news of the week. Personally, I like the comfortable long-sleeved weather, so it has been a struggle. But I like seeing the people who enjoy this weather and go to the beach and ride their bikes. I mostly admire those who run when you are already sweating before you start. But if we were all alike, life would be boring.

My dad loved to fish. We would finish dinner and he would load up his Scout and go down to Tashmoo and fish the night away. Many times, he would come home without a fish but talk about the night sky and how beautiful it was. Then there were the mornings I would wake up to a bass or bluefish in the bathtub.

When it was Derby time, he fished hard. My mom went with him sometimes, especially when he went up to Menemsha for bait. I never thought of it at the time but there were not many women who fished. I remember Jean Hancock fished hard with her husband Herb and she weighed in many fish and won prizes — but again, she was one of a few women who fished.

Janet Messineo-Israel is a true fisherman. She knew that she wanted to become a great fisherman and knew she was as capable as any man of catching and landing a huge fish. It took years — and many terrifying nights alone on the beach in complete darkness in search of a huge creature to pull out of the sea — for her to prove to herself and to the male-dominated fishing community that she could make her dream real.

Janet is the author of Casting into the Light and she will be at the Edgartown Library on Thursday, August 25 at 5:30 p.m. to talk about her book and experience. I am sure she has some stories to tell.

I have seen pictures of the carnival part of the Fair arriving. It always amazes me that the workers put together and take those big rides apart all summer long. Us older people remember when kids were excited for the circus, with lots of them threatening to run off and join it. You don’t hear those words anymore. But for those who do, I am sure it is not an easy life but that they get to see many different people and places.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.