It is still a little hot but for the most part we have had some nice weather and, of course, some much-needed rain. Mother Nature sure put a show on for us as she watered our lawns and gardens.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Rayssa Donato, who celebrated on August 28 and to Max Rosenberg, who celebrated his day on August 31.

It was a tradition for Jan Norton to call or email me with the message “Hurray, hurray, it is Labor Day.” Now her daughter Debbie Norton and I send the message. It was always the happiness that the traffic was dwindling and the lines at the Stop & Shop were shorter and that fall was coming. So here is to Auntie Jan and another Labor Day.

I am watching as the school is coming back to life. The teachers are in and out, getting their classrooms ready for school to open on Sept. 6 and everything is getting spruced up for the kids. I miss watching them go by and I love it when they all come back to school.

John and Leah Macy are here with their five-month old son, Elgrin. John worked at Donaroma’s for a few summers and lived in my spare room upstairs. He was great company for me. I called him my California son and he has kept in touch with me. So it was a nice surprise when he, Leah and Elgrin visited me at work.

It was nice to see my neighbor Dana and her man-friend Chris here for the weekend. I got a few minutes with each of them but they had a house full of company who were all attending the Beach Road Weekend. It was nice talking to Chris: I had lived vicariously through his pictures on social media as he traveled on his motorcycle across the country this summer. He had the trip of a lifetime and saw many of our landmarks. But otherwise, they were very busy. I look forward to their next visit and hopefully spending a little more time with them.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.