Here are some bidding tips:

Q. 1 — Sitting South and dealing, with no one vulnerable, you hold:

♠️ K 8
♥️ A 10 9 4
♦️ A J 6 4 3
♣️ K 4

What do you bid?

A. — 1NT. Many players are reluctant to open 1NT with two doubletons. But look what happens if you open 1♦️ and partner responds 1♠️. You aren’t strong enough (16+ high-card points) to reverse into 2♥️. And rebidding 1NT should show 12-14 HCP; you have 15. An opening bid of 1NT best describes your holding.

Q. 2 — Sitting South, with North dealing and East-West vulnerable, you hold:

♠️ J 6
♥️ 10 9 7
♦️ Q 10 7 6 4 2
♣️ 5 4

Partner opens 1♦️ and East overcalls 1♠️. What do you bid?

A. — This is one for partnership agreement. Let’s be clear about two things. First, they’re bidding in a major and you’re bidding in a minor. This may put you at a disadvantage. Second, they’re likely to have a spade fit and will want to bid a vulnerable game. The biggest change in modern bridge, I think, is increased interference bidding. Bid an alertable 3♦️, which by agreement means good diamond support and fewer than six support points. You may be frustrating opponents from reaching the right contract.

If you had 6-9 support, bid 2♦️. With 10+ support, cuebid 2♠️.

Q. 3 — Sitting South, with East dealing and both sides vulnerable, you hold:

♠️ A K J 10 4 3
♥️ 7 6
♦️ A K J 10 
♣️ 6

East opens 2♥️. What do you bid?

A.—A 2♠️ overcall wouldn’t show your strength. With a good six-card suit and 16+ HCP, bid 3♠️. That’s not pre-emptive; it’s strength-showing. Over presumed strength, a jump shows weakness. Over presumed weakness, a jump shows strength. A bid of 3♠️ here is called an intermediate jump overcall.

Q. 4—Sitting South, with East dealing and both sides vulnerable, you hold:

♠️ A K Q J 6 5 4
♥️ A
♦️ K Q
♣️ A 4 3

East opens 2♥️. What do you bid?

A.— 4♠️. You catch on quickly. You almost certainly have 10 tricks. No need to double for takeout. That could get you too high. By the way, your 4♠️ bid is not a shutout. Partner can still probe for slam.

The Thursday and Saturday duplicate games at Tisbury Senior Center have been discontinued until next year.