Last weekend we had some nice warm weather. It was a little muggy but I am trying not to use the air conditioner. I love that we can have the windows open and the cat is even more excited as she is closer to her cat TV, which is the bird feeder. I think the birds know she can’t get out and so they just torture her, hanging out on the feeder.

Happy Birthday to all who celebrated their day this past week. Big balloons go out to Anina Garvin, who celebrated Sept. 10; Olympia Tolay Currier on Sept. 11; and to Kensington Sees, Sasha Tolay Currier and Isaac Trance, who all celebrated on Sept. 12.

I hope a lot of people got out to see the moon this past weekend. I went downtown with my friend and co-worker Diane Welch — the first time for me this summer — and grabbed dinner at The Wharf. It was delicious. Then we went and sat on the benches by the yacht club to wait for the moon to rise. Of course, the Ice Cream amd Candy Bazaar kept calling our names so while we were waiting we found ourselves inside to buy ice cream.

While waiting in line and trying to decide what flavor ice cream we were going to get (out of the hundred flavors they offer), I looked at the candy display. If you have never been in this shop: they sell every kind of penny candy you can imagine.

Of course, it is not the price you bought it for as a kid. I remember going into the candy store with the quarter I earned and coming out with a bagful. I think at that time it was five for a penny. Looking at the Swedish fish, bubble gum and candy necklaces brought back some great memories.

We went out to see if the moon was coming up and did some people watching. We watched as the launch came and went with boaters coming in for dinner. We watched parents buying their kids ice cream while enjoying their surroundings. And of course we checked out the yacht that was docked in front of the Atlantic — or, as I can’t help saying, the Navigator. The moon’s color and fullness was not disappointing and was well worth the trip downtown.

My cousins Nelson, Jenny and their daughter Cora Furtado were here for the day and I met them at The Seafood Shanty for lunch. It was a good visit and good food. We enjoyed watching the boats going in and out of the harbor and the Chappy Ferry going back and forth. I think the eyes of a four-year old helped us pay more attention to our surroundings.

As we walked out of the restaurant, we were reminded once again fall is on its way. The bar was packed and football games were on the television. Go Pats, even though they did not have a good season opening.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.