This has been a wonderful week for adoptions. Winnie the Bengal cat’s adoption has been finalized, and mustache kitten Thor has found his forever family too. And we’re delighted that ten-year old siblings Cody and Gypsy have been adopted together. Congratulations one and all.

This week’s the featured pet is Teaser, who came here with her sister Mozzie, who has long since been adopted. She’s only five, very playful and her marking are tuxedo. She also has an incredibly soft coat. Teaser is a really nice cat who needs a place to call home. She will sit by your side but is not a fan of being picked up or held. Can you help her out? She’d love to be able to show her thanks at Thanksgiving.

There is also a great dog looking for a new home. Tag is a nine-year old, boxer/springer spaniel/labrador retriever mix with a sterling personality but he does have Cushing’s disease, a non-life threatening, treatable illness. Tag is well behaved and loves children and dogs. Can someone help this sweet boy out?

Our cat room has cleared out quite a bit but we still have some wonderful felines in need of homes. Dee Dee, a calico, is only a year old and a little bit shy, but should blossom once she’s secure in her own home. Alice is a petite, two-year old tabby who thinks she’s the boss. She can be quite affectionate, gets along with dogs but not cats and would do best with an experienced cat owner.

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