I have yet to see snow and it is the middle of January. No, I am not complaining but I would like to see a little.

Happy birthday to all who had birthdays the past couple of weeks and big balloons to all.

This is not my usual column as I am still away, but as you read this I will be back and hopefully in the mix of the winter schedule.

Social media has been very mixed and I am trying to keep up with friends who are still busy and trying to come down from the holidays.

I have been with three very active children under the age of six for the past three weeks. It has been crazy, busy and loud. I have no idea how I am coming down from that. I have been taking and picking up children from two different schools, to dance lessons, to Ninja Day and whatever other activities are on the schedule. I have a much better appreciation for parents.

Every morning, I watched the principal at the school where Oliver, the six-year old, attends. Mr. “O” — the only name I know him by — would meet every car and bus as it came into the school driveway. At the afternoon pickup he would go by each car with a radio and let the teacher know how to line up each student. The parent would drive up and the children were ready by the gate to get in the car and drive off. He never missed a beat. I don’t know how he knew which child went with which car because it is not a small school. On the last school day before Christmas, he was waiting in his elf outfit to greet everyone. He is young and full of energy. I thought how lucky Oliver is to have a great leader.

I am looking forward to a new year and good news. Please call or email me if you have some news to share.

Have a great week and keep the home candles burning.