Editors, Vineyard Gazette;

At its meeting on Jan. 24 the West Tisbury affordable housing committee unanimously agreed that the development of the affordable housing land at 401 State Road should help meet the needs of the Island’s exploding population of aging adults.

Eight apartments to be built there will be three 2-bedroom units and five 1-bedroom units. Eighty per cent of the units must have at least one resident who is 55 years of age or older. And the development will also feature a small community center so that residents and guests can overcome the common aging sense of isolation.

Two years ago, when the voters of West Tisbury were asked to designate this property for affordable housing, those of us who worked to turn out that affirmative vote had a vision that this parcel was perfect for senior housing: close to accessible transportation, a short walk to the drugstore or market and yet secluded.

In fact, I had hoped that the development would create a blueprint for what might be created at many spots around the Island so that our aging Islanders can safely enjoy downsized living on Martha’s Vineyard.

I want to say thank you publicly to the members of the affordable housing committee as well as the Island Housing Trust/Union Studio team who will be creating our vision.

Susan Silk

West Tisbury