The Chilmark man accused of stabbing two McDonald’s employees in Plymouth and four girls in Braintree this weekend potentially faces more charges connected to a death in Connecticut. 

Jared Ravizza, 26, of Chilmark, was arrested by Massachusetts state police Saturday after he allegedly stabbed the McDonald’s workers at the Route 3 restaurant. Police apprehended him around 7 p.m. when he crashed his car in Sandwich while fleeing the authorities

Police also indicated that Mr. Ravizza was involved in the stabbing of four girls at the Braintree AMC movie theatre earlier Saturday evening. 

Charges are now pending in Connecticut in addition to the two stabbings in Massachusetts. — David Curran

And on Tuesday, Connecticut state police said they were investigating Mr. Ravizza after a man was found dead Saturday in Deep River, Conn. Connecticut police said charges are pending following the death of Bruce Feldman, a 70-year-old man from West Hartford. 

At 3:36 p.m. Saturday — about two and a half hours before the stabbings in Braintree — Connecticut police were called to a home on Merriwold Lane after a man allegedly threw a shovel through the front door window pane. The witnesses identified the suspect as someone who was staying at a nearby home, where there was an audible disturbance earlier on, police said in a statement. 

Police went to the second home and found Mr. Feldman outside with visible injuries. He was pronounced dead and is being examined by the state medical examiner’s office. 

Connecticut police say that Mr. Ravizza was at the second home earlier in the day and police were also looking for the same black Porsche that was reported at the Plymouth stabbings and the Sandwich crash where Mr. Ravizza was arrested. Personal items belonging to Mr. Ravizza were also located at the home where Mr. Feldman was found.

Mr. Ravizza was in Plymouth District Court Tuesday for an arraignment in the McDonald’s stabbings and will undergo a court-ordered examination to see if he is competent to stand trial. 

McDonald's employees told state police that Mr. Ravizza pulled into the drive-thru around 7 p.m., and got into a disagreement with the man working the window over his order, according to police reports. 

Mr. Ravizza then grabbed the employee’s arm and stabbed him with a long kitchen knife, witnesses said. Afterwards, Mr. Ravizza drove around the restaurant, parked the Porsche and went inside. There he stabbed a 21-year-old woman who had only moved to the U.S. days before and was on her first day of the job, according to the police reports. 

Another woman who was behind Mr. Ravizza in the drive-thru, said he got out of the vehicle and peed before the stabbings, and had a look on his face that she “described to be Jack Nicholson’s expression in The Shining,” the police report read. 

Mr. Ravizza was injured in the crash along Cotuit Road in Sandwich. A doctor treating him told police that Mr. Ravizza said he was at one point going 150 miles per hour and rolled the vehicle six times in the crash. 

Judge Shelby Smith in Plymouth ordered the examination before determining Mr. Ravizza's bail. He was arraigned on charges of armed assault to murder, two counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and indecent exposure. He pleaded not guilty and will be held without bail ahead of his June 17 dangerousness hearing. 

Charges in Quincy District Court for the Braintree stabbings were also filed Tuesday. He was being charged with four counts of assault to murder and four counts of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. 

The new charges reopens a West Tisbury case from last month, where Mr. Ravizza was arrested for attacking his father. On April 14, West Tisbury responded to a State Road home after Mr. Ravizza’s father said his son had a mental break and assaulted him and trashed the home. 

At the time, Mr. Ravizza appeared intoxicated and while being detained “began speaking to us about nonsensical things such as the deep state,” masons, and how his father wanted him dead, according to a West Tisbury police report.

Police took Mr. Ravizza to Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a mental health evaluation and, according to the report, he did not meet the standards to be held. 

In a statement Tuesday, a hospital spokesperson said they could not talk about the evaluation and its findings. 

“We are unable to provide any information, due to patient privacy laws,” the hospital said in a statement. 

The West Tisbury case was heard in Edgartown District Court and Mr. Ravizza was allowed to enter a pretrial diversion program. The programs allow defendants to avoid criminal prosecution if they undergo certain rehabilitative services. Court records did not indicate what Mr. Ravizza’s diversion program entailed. 

The Cape and Islands District Attorney’s 0ffice Tuesday motioned to restore the trial and a court date has been set for July 22.  

Mr. Ravizza appears to have been coming to the Vineyard for several years, and often posted pictures of himself on Instagram posing in Chilmark and West Tisbury with his dogs and Porsche SUV. 

West Tisbury police had other calls about Mr. Ravizza in the past, according to police reports. 

On Christmas Day in 2023, Mr. Feldman called West Tisbury police to ask them to do a welfare check on Mr. Ravizza at the State Road home. Mr. Feldman feared Mr. Ravizza was on psychedelics and wanted to check on him.

Mr. Ravizza’s father greeted officers at the door and told them Jared was fine, according to a police report. He also said Mr. Feldman had stayed at the West Tisbury home before but was not welcome there, the report stated. 

Police did eventually talk to Mr. Ravizza and said he seemed well-spoken, in good spirits and did not appear to be under the influence of psychedelics, police wrote. 

When police called Mr. Feldman back, he went on “a rant worrying Jared was a CIA test subject and hallucinating,” police wrote. 

The next month, an employee at a West Tisbury yoga studio called police to say Mr. Ravizza was acting suspiciously. They said Mr Ravizza believed he was an influencer and morphed into whatever topic was on hand, claiming he was a professional skier or a professional DJ depending on the conversation. 

The employee did not wish to get a trespassing order against Mr. Ravizza but wanted to document his behavior.

In paperwork filed with the courthouse to change his name from Jared Christian Ravizza to Jared Christian Ravizza Jones he listed a West Tisbury address in 2023. A second name change filed in 2024 listed a mailing address in Chilmark, but still listed the West Tisbury residential address. 

The second name change to Jared Love Jones was approved in April 2024, just days before the alleged attack on his father.

Editor's note: This story has been updated with more information from West Tisbury police.