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Myron Saunders Stoll, 87

Myron Saunders Stoll, a longtime summer resident of East Chop, died on Sept. 21.

Janet Mae Parker Szymakowsi, 78

Janet Mae Parker Szymakowsi of Phillipston died on August 26.

James T. Shea, 30

James T. (Jim) Shea of Martha's Vineyard and Milton died unexpectedly on Wednesday, Oct. 5.

Christine M. Smith, 81

Christine M. Smith died peacefully on August 23 at her home in Edgartown.

Celebration for Steve Saxonis

Friends and family are welcome to celebrate the life of Steve Saxonis on Sept. 24 at The Seafood Shanty in Edgartown.

Sheryl Joan Brooks Scott, 78

Sheryl Joan Brooks Scott died peacefully on June 27 at Briarwood Rehabilitation and Healthcare Center in Needham.

Mary Ann Kane Snider, 89

Mary Ann Kane Snider died at her home in Needham on Aug. 13.

Mary Ann Kane Snider, 89

Mary Ann Kane Snider, a seasonal resident of Edgartown, died at her home in Needham on August 13.

Edward Baldwin Self 3rd, 49

Edward Baldwin Self 3rd died on August 12 after a monthlong battle with COVID-19.