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Catherine H. Jacobus, 79

Catherine Hohenlohe Jacobus died peacefully in Delray Beach, Fla. shortly before sunset on the winter solstice, Dec. 21.

Dr. Jaime K. Javier, 83

Dr. Jaime K. (Jimmy) Javier died Dec. 26. He was 83.

Rodney Paul Jensen, 79

Rodney Paul Jensen of Edgartown died in Taunton on Dec. 20.

Carl Robert (Bob) Johnson, 90

Carl Robert (Bob) Johnson died on August 24 in Hollywood, Fla.

Lizanne Hardegen Jones, 80

Lizanne Hardegen Jones of Longport, N.J. died peacefully on Thursday, August 12 at her home by the bay. She was 80.

John Robert (Bob) Jahries, 91

John Robert (Bob) Jahries died peacefully at his Vineyard Haven home on July 10. He was 91.

Otis P. Jeffers, 87

Otis P. Jeffers Jr. died peacefully on July 8 at the VA Hospice unit in Brockton. He was 87.

Robert Benton (Bobby) Jackson 3rd, 83

Robert Benton (Bobby) Jackson 3rd of Atlanta and Oak Bluffs died July 15 at Windemere. He was 83.

John Robert Jahries, 91

John Robert Jahries died on Saturday, July 10 at his home in Vineyard Haven. He was 91.