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Barbara Gonzales Kende

Barbara Gonzales Kende died on Sept. 2, surrounded by her immediate family and a close friend.

Unni H. Kaltenbacher

Unni H. Kaltenbacher died suddenly at her home on Martha's Vineyard on August 4.

Jules Phineas Kirsch, 93

Jules Phineas Kirsch died peacefully and surrounded by his family on June 17 after a brief illness at his summer residence in Vineyard Haven.

Preston Breckenridge Kavanagh

Preston Breckenridge Kavanagh Jr. died peacefully on June 23 at his home in Safety Harbor, Fla.

Lois Alexander Kelley-Stout, 93

Lois Alexander Kelley-Stout died peacefully on Martha’s Vineyard on Feb. 14.

Nelly Katzman, 24

Nelly Katzman died on March 9.

Gayle Mary Kissell, 79

Gayle Mary Kissell of Natick died Oct. 20 after a brief illness.

Karen S. Kenney, 69

Karen S. Kenney of Vineyard Haven died at home on August 2.

Thomas E. Kennedy Jr., 62

Thomas E. Kennedy Jr. of Vineyard Haven died peacefully in his sleep at home on August 4.