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John Thomas Hughes, 99

John Thomas Hughes, an Oak Bluffs native and leading pioneer in lobster research, died peacefully on Nov. 28.

Lucille Ryan Gostenhofer, 91

Lucille Ryan Gostenhofer died peacefully at home, surrounded by family, in Laguna Woods, Ca., on Sept. 27.

Richard Gleason, 84

Richard Gleason of Vineyard Haven died peacefully at home on Nov. 30.

Dr. Diane Becker, 78

Dr. Diane M. Becker , an expert in the prevention and management of coronary artery disease, died peacefully at home on Nov. 17.

Christine W. Swansey, 65

Christine W. Swansey of Vineyard Haven died at home on Nov. 13.

Ann Louise Whitcomb Scotten, 83

Ann Louise Whitcomb Scotten, beloved wife of Dr. Gregory T. Scotten, died in Locust Grove, Va. on Nov. 6.

Clara Silva Rabbitt, 99

Clara Silva Rabbitt died peacefully at her Vineyard Haven home on April 4, Easter Sunday.

Frank R. Mancini, 74

Longtime Vineyard resident Frank R. Mancini died peacefully in Delray Beach, Fla. on Nov. 6 after a brave battle with a sudden illness.

Louise Hoover Neuhoff, 91

Louise Hoover Neuhoff of Martha's Vineyard and North Palm Beach, Fla. died Nov. 18 at her Edgartown home.