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Carol P. Gadd Gathering

A memorial gathering for Carol (Dede) Gadd will be held on Wednesday, July 13.

Jeanne Burke, 64

Jeanne Burke died on June 19, surrounded by her family.

Michael P. Lindheimer, 81

Michael P. Lindheimer of Edgartown and Sarasota, Fla. died on June 28 with his family by his side.

Joyce A. Hall, 92

Joyce A. Hall of Edgartown died unexpectedly at Martha's Vineyard Hospital on June 16.

The Rev. Richard L. Fenn, 88

The Rev. Richard L. Fenn died on May 25 at the Shell Point Retirement Community in Fort Myers, Fla.

Bruce Anthony Cordray, 65

Bruce Anthony (Tony) Cordray of West Tisbury died on May 7 at Massachusetts General Hospital after a short illness.

Celebration of Life for Matthew E. Goode

The family of Matthew E. Goode will hold a celebration of his life on July 4 at the Goode home at 5 Dorothy West avenue in Oak Bluffs.

Rosalee Barnes McCullough, 89

Rosalee Barnes McCullough died at her home on Music street in West Tisbury on June 9.

Robert P. Lucas Sr., 91

Robert P. (Luke) Lucas Sr. died at his daughter's home in Florida on May 31.