Sheep dot the misty fields at Allen Farm in Chilmark. Timothy Johnson

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Everywhere the Island countryside stands at parade rest, weary and dusty from the long summer but ready for the now changing light that returns clean clarity and new energy to the Vineyard landscape. The Island remains in bloom. It is as if spring has returned to play tricks with the calendar. Late season roses, honeysuckle and fountains of clematis tell us the time of year by scent alone. Pause long enough to discover the color of September. It appears in sea lavender, the violet shades of thistle, in baskets of seckle pears and bittersweet and in the purple of asters, always the herald of the Vineyard's march into autumn. Squash and pumpkins ripen in farm fields and September's warming days allow late plantings of lettuce.


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