Traditional holiday bunting decorated the Bandstand in Ocean Park. Timothy Johnson

Sunday, June 3, 2018

The heralds are all about, from migrating birds to flowering bridal wreath. While we weren't looking, the trees have come into stronger leaf, although the laggard scrub oak still lacks its summer raiment. The beach plum and beach pea are sure to please us, and swamp honeysuckle, sheep laurel, wild iris and chokeberries all have their admirers. The gorgeous pompoms of rhododendron are still with us, and nothing surpasses the delicate beauty of the simple buttercup.

In honor of June and for the selfish pleasure of it, stroll through a downtown, hike through one of the nature preserves, and drive an up-Island road. Don't hurry. There's so much to see that wasn't even there yesterday.


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