Fog creeps in and surrounds the Quitsa boathouse. Tim Johnson

Sunday, January 22, 2023

We’re about a third of the way through the Island’s cold season. But recent days of that traditional January thaw were enough to turn thoughts forward to the advent of spring, a time that will come just as surely as winter will pass.

On three days this past week temperatures on the Vineyard rose to the fifties. The high mark was fifty-five, warm enough to play tennis or to dress in something lighter than heavy winter garb for long walks through Island wildlife sanctuaries. The arrival of seals in Vineyard waters always validates the height of winter. But then comes the January thaw and our playful visitors take to sunbathing on rocky perches in the Squibnocket Beach area.

No doubt the winds will blow and the snow will fly again before winter takes final leave of the Vineyard. For now, however, it is enough to enjoy a few warm days in January, days that often end in breathtaking sunsets.


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