Juliana DaCosta and Geraldo Gabriel DaCosta Jr. announce the birth of a son, Benjamin Gabriel Junquiera DaCosta, born on August 5.

Lieut. Commander Alexander B. Baynes of the United States Navy was awarded the degree of doctor of philosophy in applied physics from the Naval...

Neiva and Bruno Leoncio of Edgartown announce the birth of a daughter, Hannah Gabryelly Gales Leoncio, born on July 28 at the Martha’s Vineyard...

Haven Huck of West Tisbury graduated with a bachelor of arts degree in psychology from East Carolina University in Greenville, N.C.

Ava Danielle Goldson married Nicholas Buford Crews on June 29 in a family ceremony performed at the Vineyard cottage of the bride’s family.

Nikole and James Rolston of Oak Bluffs announce the birth of a son, Quinn Lawrence Rolston, born on July 19.