Gretchen Underwood, a retired administrator from Oak Bluffs, said the commission should make fiscally responsible decisions that benefit all...
Christine C. Todd, a real estate agent from Oak Bluffs, said she is passionate about the health and well-being of the entire Island community.
Norman L. Perry of Chilmark said the county commission should unify the towns and create detailed plans of action.
Tristan R. Israel of Tisbury, the owner of a landscape company, advocates for strengthening social services for Vineyarders.
David Jeffrey Holway of Edgartown said he wants to continue to restore public confidence in Dukes County government.
Leon Brathwaite 2nd of West Tisbury, a retired administrator, said he is committed to public service and a well managed and fiscally responsible...
John S. Alley of West Tisbury, a justice of the peace, said the commission provides a regional solution to problems.
Linda Bauer Sibley of West Tisbury said institutional memory is important at the commission, which has unprecedented regulatory and planning powers.
Ernest Douglas Sederholm, an attorney from West Tisbury, said development is necessary but the Island's natural beauty must be respected and...