The Martha’s Vineyard Museum and Featherstone Center for the Arts both announced this week that they had received capital grants from the...
On a brilliant afternoon this week, workers took apart a massive white tent that arched above the historic Mayhew-Hancock-Mitchell House in Chilmark.
History is about the past, but that’s no reason it can’t live in the present moment too.
There is a good reason the Martha’s Vineyard Museum has far more shipwreck artifacts than it can display in its new exhibit Shipwrecks! Stories from...
The Martha’s Vineyard Museum has won commission approval to renovate and expand the old marine hospital in Vineyard Haven.
What is a pug anyhow? Plenty of people, mostly pilgrims, ask this question.
In 1967, sixth graders at the Tisbury school created a time capsule, filling a metal box and sealing it away into the wall of the library. On...
A message from the past will be unveiled this weekend as the Vineyard Haven library hosts a time capsule opening ceremony.
In his most recent book, Hidden History of Martha’s Vineyard, Thomas Dresser invites us to explore who we are as a community.