All-Island Art Show Arrives

In London, the Olympians are battling it out in feats of strength and endurance. Here on the Vineyard, we have our own contest coming up, no less feverish in its pursuit of glory, ribbons to the victors, too, but with the scales tilted to right brain activities rather than speed and brawn. Welcome once again to the All-Island Art Show.

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Art Lovers Put Their Ten Cents In at Show
Brittany Lyte

Splashed with sun and circled by artists and admirers, 418 pieces of artwork hung from a wire fence roped around the perimeter of the Tabernacle yesterday, shaping the 52nd annual All-Island Art Show and Sale itself into the scene of a fine painting.

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All-Island Art Show Sticks With Its Stars
Ivy Ashe
When artist Nancy Blank was 16 years old, she gave watercolor lessons to Vineyard Haven resident Millie Briggs, who had asked to learn the technique behind the misty, ethereal nature of the medium.
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Stars, Sales and the Social Side of Art
Nina Tarnawsky
The Tabernacle wore a dress of paintings, collages and photographs, hung on a wire mesh, yesterday as it played host to artists of all ages entered in the 53rd annual All-Island Art Show.
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