Art Blooms and Gives Back at Garden Club Exhibit
Mike Kotsopoulos
The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club opened their Blooming Art Show with a reception on Thursday evening. The event continues through Sunday, June 26 at the Old Mill in West Tisbury.
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Garden Club Presents Blooming Art 2015

The Martha’s Vineyard Garden Club will present Blooming Art 2015, an exhibit pairing art and flowers.

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Family Planning Show Is Testament to the Art of Giving Back
Steve Myrick
The crowds came out to the Agriculturall Hall in West Tisbury for the Friends of Family Planning art show, the organization's largest fundraiser of the year. Over 90 local artists contributed work, donating a large portion of any profits to the organization.
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Family Planning Art Show Hosts Local Talent

This weekend the 26th annual Family Planning Art Show transforms the Agricultural Hall into a community art gallery.

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Everybody Loves Ewe at Sheep Art Show
Featherstone’s first opening reception of 2015 features an Island favorite: sheep. All things woolly are included in the I Love Ewe: The Year of the Sheep Show.
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Nine Women Artists: Fifteen Years Exhibit
Nine women artists who began getting together in 1998 as an offshoot of the Tom Maley Tuesday drawing group come together for Nine Women Artists: Fifteen Years.
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Honoring Oak Bluffs Through Images
Xenia Rakovshik
When artist and photographer Michael Johnson began visiting Oak Bluffs at the age of 15, he immediately fell in love with its cultural and historic charm.
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Artist's Journey Began at Home
Richard Limber describes his artistic journey as beginning “with my mother’s effusive praise.” Always a good place to start.
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Wings Take Flight
Artist Cindy Kane exhibits a series of paintings titled Wing to Wing at the Martha’s Vineyard Playhouse Art Space beginning Saturday, August 23, with an opening reception at 4:30 p.m.
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Staples Art Reception

Oil painter Jeanne Staples brings her own vision to Island art at her upcoming exhibit at the Granary Gallery in West Tisbury..

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