Assessors in Edgartown Flooded with Requests for Property Tax Relief
Ian Fein

A property tax revolt is quietly brewing on Chappaquiddick, where a large group of landowners have banded together and hired an attorney to challenge their latest property assessments.

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On Chappaquiddick, Richard S. Knight Jr. Sees Hard Work, No Easy Choices
Ian Fein

As a general contractor based on Chappaquiddick, Richard S. Knight
Jr. recognizes that the Vineyard will inevitably reach a point where all
the land is accounted for and there is no more room to build.

"We're an Island, and there's only a finite amount
of land left, so eventually we'll hit buildout," Mr. Knight
said. "Sooner or later, it's going to come. And I think
we're coming down to the end of it."

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Breach at Norton Point Beach Wreaks Havoc on Harbor Tides
Mark Alan Lovewell

Mariners beware. Tides and currents have changed dramatically in Edgartown harbor since the breach of Norton Point beach in April and the federal government has no plans to establish new tide or current tables soon. The power of the current in Edgartown Harbor is not only three times faster at Chappaquiddick Point, nobody yet knows with certainty when high or low tide takes place.

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Trustees’ Lease of Norton Point Generates Revenue for County
Alexander Trowbridge

In its management of Norton Point Beach, which is owned by Dukes County, the Trustees of Reservations produced a net surplus of $16,785 in the last fiscal year.

The county will receive more than $3,000 of that money through an agreement with the conservation group. Two years ago, the county enlisted the help of the Trustees to manage Norton Point beach with an agreement that the county would receive 20 per cent of what the group earned at the public beach.

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Writing the Book on Chappaquiddick

Editor’s Note: Some stories just have to be written down. Such is the case with Edo Potter’s story of life at Pimpneymouse Farm on Chappaquiddick that began for her nearly 80 years ago at the age of four, and continues today. The Last Farm on Chappaquiddick is at once a memoir, history book and chronicle of a changing island. Written by Mrs. Potter and published by Vineyard Stories, the book will be on sale at Edgartown Books, Bunch of Grapes, in Island stores and through the Vineyard Stories Web site (

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Conservationist Edo Potter Sees Forest for Trees
Peter Brannen

It’s not surprising that Edo Potter’s favorite piece of conservation land is the next one. For decades she has been instrumental in acquiring plot after plot on her beloved Chappaquiddick for public use and enjoyment by future generations. She’s confident about the future of conservation on Martha’s Vineyard because of the health of the Island’s numerous environmental groups and their remarkable track record, both of which owe in large part to her tireless efforts.

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Land Bank Purchase Adds Access to Scenic Cape Pogue Shoreline
Mike Seccombe

The Martha’s Vineyard Land Bank has signed a contract to purchase 41.1 acres on Chappaquiddick, including some 900 feet of shoreline on Cape Pogue Bay.

The acquisition will be added to its existing Three Ponds Reservation, bringing the total contiguous land area to 357.7 acres.

In an announcement on Monday, the land bank said the land, at the end of Jeffers Lane, would cost $4.95 million. The sellers are Judith Self Murphy, E. Baldwin Self Jr. and Karen Self Osler.

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On Time for Summer, Chappy Ferry Book Carries Stellar Load
Peter Brannen

In researching The Chappy Ferry Book, author Tom Dunlop asked his fellow Islanders what they thought was the most spectacular thing to hit the boat in its 200 years of operation

“I’ve gotten some good answers: a whale, a meteorite,” Mr. Dunlop said in an interview this week. “To a man and to a woman they stop and stare at me when I say, ‘No, an airplane hit it.’”

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News Update: Saturday, March 17 - Sheriff's Meadow Acquires Land on Chappaquiddick

The Sheriff’s Meadow Foundation has purchased a new property on Chappaquiddick, the conservation foundation announced this week.

The 2.3-acre parcel sits on Manaca Hill, near Chappy Point. Viewed from the Edgartown side of the Chappaquiddick ferry, it is located on the right side of the small island, across the street from the Chappy Beach Club, and abuts the town-owned Gardner property.

Sheriff’s Meadow Executive Director Adam Moore said this week that the foundation purchased the property on Dec. 19 from Virginia Mattern for $100,000.

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