High Spirits, Quick Feet at 40th Annual Chilmark Road Race
Steve Myrick
Rain stopped just before the start of the annual road race Saturday. Benjamin Bosworth, 22, was the fastest runner of the day. Sheridan Wilbur won the women's division for the fourth year in a row.
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Chilmark Road Race Is 40 Years Young
Heather Hamacek

For 40 years, Hugh Weisman has been measuring Middle Road, spray painting markers, ordering T-shirts, collecting prizes and organizing the Chilmark Road Race.

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The Chilmark Road Race is Family Affair For Record-Setting Son and Fast Father
David Corr
Youth and age were served in the seventh annual Chilmark Road Race on Saturday - both in the same Chilmark family.
One voice in the throng at the race awards ceremony at the Chilmark Community Center asked the age of the winner.
“Oh, 20,” replied David Alden of Chilmark and Brookline.
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Chilmark Road Race Is a Race for the Few And Fun for the Many
Amy Callahan
Two course records were broken, but the Chilmark Road Race on Saturday was more a celebration of community and health than a contest.
Many of the fastest runners turned around after the finished the five-kilometer route and walked back up Middle Road to cheer on their slower comrades. Neighbors along the race route came out to the end of their driveways and others say on their lawns to greet the runners. Even a cow looked on, half amused, at the sweaty commotion in the road.
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Chilmark Road Race Was Record Run in the Sun
Jason Gay
The sun made a rare appearance, an Oak Bluffs man blazed to a course record and a jumbo lobster stuffed the consequences Saturday at the 19th annual running of the Chilmark Road Race.
Art Smith, 28, of East Chop and Cambridge ignored soaring summer temperatures en route to winning the five-kilometer (3.1-mile) race down Middle Road by a wide margin in a record 14 minutes, 38 seconds.
It was Mr. Smith’s second straight victory at Chilmark and - as is the custom - received to cash prize, but instead a large, Island-caught lobster.
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Chilmark Stages Run for the Lobster
Marcus C. McGraw
A mammoth, six-pound lobster was released on Saturday, after Craig Gemmell of Hyannis Port won the 20th running of the Chilmark Road Race.
Mr. Gemmell’s 16:04 finish in the 3.1-mile race earned him the day’s largest lobster. While he said he enjoys an occasional crustacean, Mr. Gemmell, a biology teacher, said he could not comfortably feed on such a large old lobster.
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Chilmark Road Race Is Now 20
Marcus C. McGraw
It was a Saturday in September, and somehow Hugh Weisman persuaded Priscilla Cohn and Morgan Shipway to enter his race down Middle Road. They weren’t competitive runners, but this was just five kilometers. Do it and spend the day recovering at Lucy Vincent Beach.
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Ode to the Road Race
Sarah Wyman
Free the lobsters. A poem inspired by the Chilmark Road Race.
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Runners Beat the Heat at Chilmark Road Race
Mike Kotsopoulos
Corey Kunz ran away with first place in the 39th annual Chilmark Road Race on a morning full of sunshine, sweat and, of course, lobsters.
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Big Lobster, Small Boy, Let the Chilmark Road Race Begin
Bill Eville
The 39th annual Chilmark Road Race is one of the toughest 5Ks out there, but 11-year-old Jack Lionette's training includes essentially no running.
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