Digging in the Dirt Builds Strong Roots
I had been growing food on a small plot in the corner of the farm for a couple of summers when my Aunt Marie told me she was ready to call it quits.
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Family, Food and Farming: Choice Ingredients to Live By

Chris Fischer knows Martha’s Vineyard well. The family homestead, Beetlebung Farm, is the primary subject of Mr. Fischer’s new book, The Beetlebung Farm Cookbook.

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Farm to Typewriter: An Essayist's Menu

My grandfather was ninety-six years old when he died. He tripped, a bucket of fertilizer in one hand and a shovel in the other.

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For Farmers, Nothing Is Lost in Translation

The farmer invited us inside his home to join his wife and cat. We sat on fold-out chairs around a fold-out aluminum table next to a wood stove.

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When Hungry for Creativity, Change Fulfills
Nicholas Freeling was born in London in 1927, known mostly for his series of crime novels that began after three weeks spent in a Dutch prison.
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Oh, Take Me Home, Chilmark Roads

I lasted six months without a truck. Now I have two. One of them seems fit for travel off the Island. The other does not.

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Being Raised the Natural Way, Lobsters and Venison Included

I always liked spending time with my father when I was young, the bench seat in the red Dodge Ram always felt so big and comfortable.

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Chef Chris Fischer Takes Helm at Beach Plum Inn, Plans Farm-to-Table Transformation

It’s out with the white linen table cloths and in with the repurposed wood as the farm-to-table movement anchors itself in Chilmark this summer.

Farmer and chef Chris Fischer will take the helm of the restaurant at the Beach Plum Inn in Menemsha, the inn announced this week. Mr. Fischer will source directly from his family’s farm, Beetlebung Farm, just over a mile down the road.

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yellow tomato
Respect for Crop Is the Main Ingredient

My dad grows the best tomatoes. He drops them off for me in fruit boxes with padding in the bottom, treating them like soft-bottomed aristocrats riding into the farm on a horse-drawn chariot. The tomatoes do not touch one another and sit with their shoulders proud. The round ridge on the top of the tomato surrounding the base of its stem is known as the shoulder and is Mario Batali’s favorite part (they look like shoulders when examined closely; after having that image planted in your head, try it). Not all the tomatoes he brings me look perfect.

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Mushrooms, Rich and Meaty, Are Popping Up on the Island

Mushrooms are the richest and meatiest food I know of outside the animal kingdom. In the past few weeks, following a number of torrential rainstorms, mushrooms have begun popping up everywhere on the Island. On a visit to a friend’s house off of Middle Road two weeks ago, friends and I stumbled upon a yard filled with chanterelle mushrooms and the black trumpet variety. We harvested the chanterelles first that day from underneath a maple tree, leaving the black trumpets to grow larger.

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