O Come, All Ye Merry Vineyarders, to Christmas in Edgartown
Bill Eville

Christmas in Edgartown arrives this weekend. Consider it three days of holiday fuel to propel you through the season full of hope, cheer and goodwill toward all.

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Lights, Teddy Bears, Chowder: Christmas in Edgartown Is Coming

In Edgartown the official start of Christmas is Thursday, Dec. 10 as the 34th annual Christmas in Edgartown festivities arrive once again and continue through Sunday, Dec. 13.

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Never Too Old or Furry to Love Christmas in Edgartown
Bill Eville

Away in a hotel, no crib for a bed, a giant six-foot stuffed Teddy Bear named Obie raised his sweet head. The stars in the Vineyard sky looked down where he yawned. The rest of his bear friends, Chappy, Edgar and Tisbeary, lay asleep until dawn.

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Lighthouse Aglow, Christmas in Edgartown Weekend Begins

The lighting of the Edgartown Lighthouse Friday evening launched a weekend of activities sponsored by the Edgartown Board of Trade. Horse-drawn carriage rides through downtown streets and sleighrides to Cape Pogue turn back the clock on Christmas.

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Annual Christmas in Edgartown Plays Host to Holiday Traditions
Katie Ruppel

Along the streets of Edgartown, garlands twist up the lamp posts, lights string along shrubs and wreaths hang on the stores’ front doors.
For 31 years the town has celebrated Christmas with a Main street parade, and come Saturday morning, the sleigh bells will be ringing and the children singing as Santa makes his way down the street, with 45 other floats following behind.

But these days the event is much more than just a wave from Santa’s sleigh.

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Christmas in Edgartown Draws Throngs to Colorful Festivities

A friend recently said that "Christmas is about getting back to the basics, the basics that are so easily forgotten today."

A reporter was reminded of this walking through the doors of the Federated Church on South Summer street Saturday morning, where an elf workshop was in progress. Oblong tables were crammed with kids bumping elbows and building gingerbread houses. Parents stood behind them chatting with each other. Some leaned over to lend a hand, but they were ignored - so intently focused were the kids on their individual projects.

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Santa Surveys His Domain

With six shopping days left until Christmas, Tisbury merchants say the women will come early, the men late. Parking will be tough, but when isn't it? And though the wind may be cold the shops are warm, and the white lights of a Main street night alone make it worth the walk.

Vineyard Haven store owners are hoping this weekend will bring a rush to boost holiday business. December is usually one of the more profitable months of the year, but so far sales have been lackluster.

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Wrapped and Ready, Edgartown Leads Weekend of Merrymaking
Jack Shea

Downtown Edgartown began looking a bit like Christmas weeks ago when wreathlike green loops appeared on the white picket fences at Hob Knob Inn and Tomassian & Tomassian law offices. Soon after, Santa began standing sentry in faux Doc Martens by Edgartown Hardware and evergreen spriggery sprouted in Soigne’s windows.

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Move Over Lonely Planet: Travel Guide to Christmas in Edgartown
Lauren Martin

You really need a plan if you’re venturing out this weekend. More than a plan — a strategy. And sustenance — no, on second thought you can just work stops for free snacks into your strategy. But sneakers might be a good idea, for sprinting between events during this, the annual Christmas in Edgartown weekend extravaganza.

Or maybe just forget all that and take a sanguine, Santa’s-coming-to-town approach to walking around the whaling captain’s village for the whole weekend.

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Christmas in Edgartown Is Welcome Gift
Remy Tumin

Wearing their sashes proudly and standing with their wagons full of cookies, a group of Girl Scouts were waiting with anticipation last Saturday in Edgartown for a Santa sighting.

They watched as dogs in festive wear walked by in the annual Christmas in Edgartown parade, the Vineyard Assembly of God caroled through the streets in Dickensian costumes, and miniature ponies with sleigh bells trotted across town.

And then, he turned the corner.

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