No Swan Songs at Any Age When the Dance Floor Calls
Marjory Potts
In early August on a Saturday night this past hot summer, I wanted to go dancing at the Portuguese American Club.
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Looking for an Off Ramp on the Information Highway
Arnie Reisman
Twenty-six years ago, computer entrepreneur Mitch Kapor and I worked on a PBS pilot together.
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Vineyard Bookshelf: Around the World in Thirty Years
Steve Donoghue
There are a few inherent perils in writing travel memoirs, of course.
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Setting the Table With the Energy Czar
Nancy Slonim Aronie
My friend Jaime told me to soak the golden raisins in brandy and place them around the Le Tur cheese after she saw me at a party.
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Exploring the Literature of Enigma
Philip Weinstein
The concept of law joins the three writers we will be exploring this fall—Dickens, Dostoevsky and Kafka—but our course is not really about legal institutions.
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Finding Life Among the Headstones
Julian Wise
I am the cemetery walker. This is not a grim or macabre title. Rather, it’s one of the most spiritually connected aspects of my life.
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Tisbury, Wake Up and Smell the Present
Geoghan Coogan
Ten years ago I started a term as a Tisbury selectmen.
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Vineyard Bookshelf: Deep Water Blues
Steve Donoghue
Deep Water Blues by Fred Waitzkin, Open Road, 143 pages, $17.99 .
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Four Decades of an Unfolding Story
Mark Alan Lovewell
I feel a kinship with the Goss Community Press that prints the Vineyard Gazette every week.
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Susan Puciul
reach of day
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