Paddy Wagon Pals in Portland
Phyllis Meras
Recently I spent an hour in a paddy wagon in Portland.
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Menemsha Memories
Sam Low
The packed Chilmark Library meeting room last Friday attests to Menemsha residents’ love for their town as they gathered to discuss a new master plan.
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Feeling the Warmth of the Snow Queen
Jenny Allen
You should do a play. Maybe you live alone, and maybe you are not loving the way the light dies in late afternoon, when you know there are 15 more hours of aloneness ahead.
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An Island Apart But With a History of Inclusiveness
Skip Finley
Martha’s Vineyard is unique for a lot of reasons, sometimes in ways that aren’t readily apparent.
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Exploring Depths of Right Whales' Plight
Susan Larsen
There is no argument that the North Atlantic right whale is in dire straits.
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Caught in the Current, Looking for Dry Land
Joe Keenan
The salmon swim upstream, some smaller than others. Some in mid-current, some on the shallower sides.
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Encouraging Entrepreneurship on the Vineyard
Katherine Putnam
The Island has many creative, entrepreneurial people trying to start or build their own businesses. New efforts are under way to support them.
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Hunting Season Bounty Includes Time Alone
Nelson Sigelman
Regret mixed with relief as I retraced a brush-strewn path I had followed so many mornings and afternoons during the hunting season just ended on Martha’s Vineyard.
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When Edgartown Rolled All Year And Coo Cavallo Held Court
Eric L. Peters
It would be hard for many Islanders today to un derstand that 40 years ago Edgartown was a vibrant year-round village.
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Steve Ewing
I remember Coo from boyhood summers with his large extended Italian family renting down the street from us
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