Patriotism, Grit, Heart: the Best in American Spirit
David McCullough
An essay honoring Ted Morgan, who died this week at age 97.
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On Land and Sea, Heart of an Islander
Sally Lodge
When she was retired in 2007, I (like many) deeply mourned the loss of the Islander.
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Housing Bank: Key to Island's Future
Richard Leonard
In 2004, recognizing the need for the creation of year-round housing across the Island, the majority of voters in all Island towns voted to petition the state legislature to create an Islandwide housing bank and fund it with a steady, dependable source of new revenue.
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Housing Bank: Too Rushed, Full of Flaws
Michael Donaroma
The Edgartown board of selectmen have joined the Tisbury and Oak Bluffs selectmen in opposing the proposed plan by the Martha’s Vineyard Housing Bank Campaign to allocate fifty per cent of the town’s preexisting and future revenue derived from the Local Option Room Occupancy Tax, to a new regionally created bureaucracy.
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On the Rental Hunt, Feeling Like Chum in the Water
Garri Saganenko
We got lucky. After posting on the Facebook group MV Long-Term Housing Rentals last fall, my roommate and I received an offer to rent a summer home for the winter.
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County Fees Add Up to Backdoor Budgeting
Nelson Sigelman
Dukes County government is Martha’s Vineyard’s Northwest Passage.
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Over Time, Statue's Symbolic Stigma Only Deepens
Harry Seymour
The debate over the Martha’s Vineyard NAACP’s proposal regarding the Union soldier statue has made me more aware of the statue and its reason for being.
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Vineyard Bookshelf: Martha's Vineyard Fish Tales
Steve Donoghue
Nelson Sigelman, a veteran writer on fishing and the outdoor life, is no carpetbagger when it comes to the benign insanity that is all-season fishing.
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The Tale of a Hungry Hawk and One Tough Duck
Joanie Ames
Recently, I heard my 19 ducks setting off a huge quacking alarm from their pond and ran outside.
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Feeding a Community, Body and Soul
Mary Jane Carpenter
I grew up in what was once a farming community.
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