State of Martha's Vineyard Public Schools
Matthew D'Andrea

Another school year is on the horizon and the district has spent the summer cleaning and upgrading buildings, making necessary hires, and finishing up contract negotiations.

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Silent Blight on Martha's Vineyard Beaches
Barry Stringfellow

This summer I’ve worked as a ranger for the Trustees of the Reservations at Norton Point Beach. It’s a bucket list job.

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Where Flowers Lead, the Heart Follows
Emily Coulter
It’s a special thing being the local florist. I know when it’s your birthday, I am there before your wedding, and I even know when you are fighting with your spouse.
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To the Old Man in the Neighborhood: So Long, See You Next Year
Sam Low
At 0832 last Monday morning, the entire family of Harthaven ospreys took flight.
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Hungry for a Shark in the House?
Moira Silva
With soft spots for youth and sports, and an almost finished basement, my family of four took the leap this summer and invited two Martha’s Vineyard Sharks college baseball players to live with us.
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The Cormorant Divine
David Ulrich
When one thinks of godlike birds, the eagle jumps to mind or the peacock. Perhaps the peaceful dove. But the cormorant?
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Letter to the Island from Caroline Kennedy
Caroline B. Kennedy
After a great deal of thought, our family has decided to sell Red Gate Farm. This may come as a surprise to members of the Island community, so we wanted to share our reasoning.
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Judith Neeld Passed This Way
Arnie Reisman
Because Emily Dickinson lay in wait
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Choosing to See the Good in the Rear View Mirror
Astoria Hall
Some of my best childhood memories revolve around public restrooms.
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In Statue Debate, a Hurtful History Has the Final Word
A. Bowdoin Van Riper
The fiercest, bloodiest wars are those fought not over territory or a throne, but over a way of life.
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