He's My Brother, Always Full of Contagious Wonder
Carly Simon
Peter may have been about nine years old and we were on the beach at Windy Gates.
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Old Variety Store Is a Survivor's Tale
Skip Finley
The Old Variety Store behind the Flying Horses has come into the public spotlight with the news that the owner wants to tear it down and replace it with a new building.
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In Praise of Angels in the Sky
Barry Stringfellow
Since 1996, the volunteer pilots from Angel Flight NE have been flying patients and their caregivers from locations in New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
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On the Move But Not Rootless
Joe Keenan
So the lady says, “Yes I do have a place to rent, it’s a bit small, let me show you.” You follow her around the back of the house but only see a run down shack-like dwelling you figure must be for tools or chickens.
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Turbulent Times Made More Turbulent
Robert Skydell
Quite a few years ago I happened to be waiting in line at the old terminal at the Martha’s Vineyard Airport behind a man who was talking to the ticket agent in a familiar voice.
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Pittsburgh Proves Again How Hateful Words Equal Hateful Action
Caryn Broitman
This past week has been one of grief and horror for so many of us as we saw yet another massacre bring unspeakable heartbreak to a loving community.
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Our Stamping Ground
Arnie Reisman
A trip to my Island post office is like a church bean supper. Without the church. Without the supper.
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Building the African American Heritage Trail
Elaine Cawley Weintraub
Twenty years ago, the African American Heritage Trail History Project was born. Its mission was to research and disseminate the story of people of color on Martha’s Vineyard and to celebrate those stories by placing a series of engraved bronze plaques throughout the Island. In the early days, the goal was to have four sites that would be visible to all, and perhaps some day more could be added. There are now 30 sites and more to come.
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Last Call at Lola's Dances to the Tune of Inclusivity
Charlayne Hunter-Gault and Skip Finley
Between 400 and 500 revelers boogied big time on Friday during a farewell to legendary Lola’s restaurant.
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Sign Me Up
Steve Ewing
One day on the bench in front of the Dock Street Coffee Shop Bob Hathaway said “When my maker comes for me I want him to find me out on the flats.”
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