After the Book Comes the Fall
Herb Foster
Prior to the publishing of my Yiddish and Jive book, it seemed I spent every hour of the day at my computer dealing with and solving all sorts of last-minute problems related to my book being published.
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Sweeping Out the Holiday Season
Eileen Maley
I don’t mind taking down the tree. 
 It has served its purpose. At first it was a welcome holiday guest but it took up a lot of room and I wanted my living room back.
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As the Crow Flies, So Doth I
Joe Keenan
Crows have come to roost in my consciousness again. I am of the kind that seek out the omens of a happening, a circumstance, a serendipity.
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Diving Into the Christmas Season
Nat Benjamin
At 1100 hours, we set our anchor on a grassy sand conch pasture under 12 feet of sapphire sea. It had been a rough eight-day offshore passage from Moorehead city.
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Hello Tree, Is It Me You're Looking For?
Brad Woodger
I recently noticed that trees are tall. Some of them really tall, even super tall.
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Stalking the Elusive Bay Scallop
Rick Karney
When giving tours of the shellfish hatchery, I find that scallops attract the greatest attention.
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He's My Brother, Always Full of Contagious Wonder
Carly Simon
Peter may have been about nine years old and we were on the beach at Windy Gates.
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Old Variety Store Is a Survivor's Tale
Skip Finley
The Old Variety Store behind the Flying Horses has come into the public spotlight with the news that the owner wants to tear it down and replace it with a new building.
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In Praise of Angels in the Sky
Barry Stringfellow
Since 1996, the volunteer pilots from Angel Flight NE have been flying patients and their caregivers from locations in New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
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On the Move But Not Rootless
Joe Keenan
So the lady says, “Yes I do have a place to rent, it’s a bit small, let me show you.” You follow her around the back of the house but only see a run down shack-like dwelling you figure must be for tools or chickens.
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