Finding Potential Promise in Our Shrinking World
Philip Weinstein
Let’s start with time. As T. S. Eliot wrote some 70 years ago, “In my beginning is my end.”
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Caution Is Key When Considering Next Steps
Dr. Ron Dunlap
As the Vineyard and the rest of the United States consider how and when to begin a return to our pre-coronavirus lives, we must carefully consider our next steps.
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Earth Day With Walter
Barry Stringfellow
Fifty years ago, Earth Day took the country by storm, sparked by events like a massive oil spill off Santa Barbara, a river in Ohio catching fire, and the silent spring of pesticides.
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Walking the High Wire of Homeschool Juggling
Moira Silva
My son Owen’s fourth grade teacher announces that it is “Drop Everything and Read Day.”
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Still Out There Running With John Prine
Holly Gleason
He was perched at the carved wood and marble bar of the Peabody Hotel in Memphis, eyes glittering like black diamonds.
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Home Alone With a Parade of New Friends
Barry Stringfellow
Finding bright spots in the darkness. Chapter 3.
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Nothing Dreamy About Quiet Summer Streets
Shelley Christiansen
Chappaquiddick, the Hollywood version, has a scene of the Ted Kennedy character walking through downtown Edgartown.
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Throughout History, Islanders Stand Strong Together
Thomas Dresser
When I went to the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital for a blood test for my annual physical, I was met with a locked front door and two tents adjacent to the emergency room.
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Open Letter from the Martha’s Vineyard Hospital
Denise Schepici
It takes only one. One person who is Covid-19 positive.
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