Edgartown Approves Memorial Wharf Overhaul
Voters easily approved a $3 million project to overhaul Memorial Wharf and agreed to move forward with a controversial project to install electric bus chargers on Church street.
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Edgartown Awarded $1 Million for Memorial Wharf Project
The Memorial Wharf project was awarded $1 million in state grant money Wednesday, as part of $4 million handed out by the Seaport Economic Council.
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Edgartown Turns Attention to Historic Memorial Wharf
Noah Asimow
Memorial Wharf joins the Edgartown Yacht Club and the Vose family boathouse as Edgartown looks to preserve historic harborfront buildings in wake of climate change.
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Hy-Line Docks at Memorial Wharf for Christmas Test Run
Heather Hamacek
For the first time since 1960 a Hy-Line ferry docked in Edgartown on Tuesday morning, part of a test run for Christmas in Edgartown plans to see if the vessel could dock at Memorial Wharf.
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Repairs Set to Begin at Memorial Wharf in Edgartown
Sara Brown

The Edgartown selectmen approved a $249,900 bid for the project this week. The low bidder was Trademark Services LLC of Vineyard Haven.

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Selectmen Get Good News about Memorial Wharf Restoration
Steve Myrick

Upcoming repairs to Memorial Wharf will likely be less extensive and far cheaper than previously thought, Edgartown selectmen learned this week.

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Gonna Rock Around the Dock Tonight
Derek Schwartz
As it has every Tuesday for the last three summers, the Dock Dance Band had brought the wharf alive with Islanders and tourists, dancing and celebrating under the glow of the moon and a few fluorescent lights.
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