Polly Hill Plant Sale Goes Online
Polly Hill Arboretum has opened an online plant sale, with pickup at the arboretum in West Tisbury.
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New Board Member for Polly Hill Arboretum
Dr. Murphy Westwood, director of the Global Tree Conservation Program at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, Ill., has joined the board of Polly Hill Arboretum in West Tisbury.
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VCS Director Cites Conservation as Urgent Priority
Landry Harlan

Driving down Middle Road, the Vineyard may seem sparsely developed. An aerial view tells a different story.

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Iconic Trees in Spotlight at Polly Hill
Katherine Gianni

Tucked away in the woods of West Tisbury, the Polly Hill Arboretum has served as a not-so-secret garden since 1958.

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David Smith and Polly Hill Form Unusual Conservation Alliance
Julia Wells
He is a doctor whose pioneering research and development work helped to eliminate an infectious disease that once struck thousands of children each year. She is a four-decade resident of the Vineyard and a pioneer in her own right, an avant garde horticulturalist whose work in her North Tisbury arboretum has received national recognition.
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Polly Hill Arboretum Awarded $300,000
Mark Alan Lovewell
State environmental affairs secretary Trudy Coxe this week contributed the state’s share of $300,000 towards the preservation of the Polly Hill Arboretum Inc.
Before an audience of 60 people at the Barnard Inn Farm in West Tisbury on Tuesday, the state environmental affairs secretary praised the efforts of Polly Hill and the unusual partnership that has arisen with David H. Smith and his foundation.
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State and Private Foundation Reveal Joint Plan to Preserve Historic Farm
Yvonne Guzman
During an afternoon trip to North Tisbury last week, Lieut. Gov. Paul Cellucci and the David H. Smith Foundation revealed an ambitious joint plan for preserving Barnard’s Inn Farm, a historic 60-acre farmstead and home to a distinguished arboretum.
The property, located on State Road near the Island’s new fairground, is considered important for several reasons, including its geological significance and its role in defining the rural character of North Tisbury.
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Barnard’s Inn Farm Is Preserved
Vineyard Gazette
Prominent conservationists announced yesterday that they have acquired Barnard’s Inn Farm, a 60-acre parcel of land in West Tisbury that is highlighted by the arboretum created by Mary Louisa (Polly) Hill.
The property is important for several reasons. The farm is considered a key element in the rural stretch in the north part of town. It links several important pieces of conservation land.
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Stephen A. Spongberg Is Named as First Executive Director of Polly Hill Arboretum
Vineyard Gazette
The Polly Hill Arboretum has appointed Stephen A. Spongberg as its first executive director, effective Feb. 16.
Recognized as one of the world’s leading horticulturists, Mr. Spongberg is currently the horticultural taxonomist at the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University.
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Polly Hill Arboretum Opens
Julie Dulude
For years the Polly Hill Arboretum was the secret treasure of a select few — friends and acquaintances of Mrs. Hill, people with a special interest in horticulture or gardening, and Island residents and visitors who stumbled upon the peaceful refuge by chance.
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